World Record: Wacken Open Air x Haribo

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We are proud to have been part of a successful collaboration with Haribo. Two of our experienced drone teams were deployed at the Wacken Festival in parallel to create breathtaking aerial footage of the world’s highest air guitar solo. In addition to intensive flight planning and coordination with the balloon team and Haribo, we were also able to assist Haribo with editing after the shoot was completed.

We would like to thank Haribo for their trust in us and look forward to future collaborations.

“A new world record was set on August 6, 2022. Hamburg-based heavy metal musician Johannes “Johnny” Ritter performed the highest air guitar solo ever. The world record attempt took place in a hot air balloon at 327 meters and Johnny had to play a 60-second solo. The event also had a fundraising purpose for the non-profit Wacken Foundation. HARIBO supported Johnny and auctioned off a Gold Bear guitar to raise money for the Wacken Foundation.”