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We at Cooper Copter GmbH are overwhelmed and proud to announce that INNIO has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2023 in not one, but three categories: Corporate Design & Identity, Website, and Corporate Film & Animation!

A Partnership for Innovation
This award is proof of INNIO’s unwavering commitment to “driving energy forward.” Their new branding, implemented across all channels, showcases an innovative, energy-centered approach and a commitment to the green energy transition. As partners of INNIO, we are proud to be part of this success.

Our Contribution – Breathtaking Film Footage
Special thanks go to the team at MetaDesign, who assisted INNIO in translating this commitment into a unique and consistent brand identity. We, Cooper Copter GmbH, are particularly proud that our FPV drone pilot skills have brought INNIO’s new corporate image film to life. The breathtaking footage from factories around the world embodies INNIO’s vision and purpose.

A Challenge that Crosses Boundaries – Our Adventure in Waukesha, Canada
The production of the corporate image film led us on a challenging journey to Canada. Transporting all the equipment by plane was no easy task, but our determination allowed us to overcome any obstacles. Despite the logistical challenges, we managed to plan the trip in record time and quickly implement the storyboard. The dynamic drone shots in the factory, where we even flew through the smallest gaps, visually embody INNIO’s vision of “driving energy forward.” This journey was not only a triumph of technology and coordination but also a vivid example of how we push the boundaries to achieve the perfect shot.

Teamwork and Dedication
We would like to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the dedicated INNIO team. Your hard work and dedication have truly paid off, and we are proud to have collaborated with you.

The link to INNIO’s latest press release: