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75min Flugzeit

300 Hektar Pro Stunde! Vollautomatisch fliegt der RADIUS seine Doppel Raster Missionen.


Hochwertiger EPO Schaum sorgt für eine robuste aber trotzdem leichte Bauweise.


Kein Pilot. Nur die Mission und der RADIUS eledigt seinen Erkundungsflug vollautomatisch.

Intuitives Missions Planungs Tool

Vollautomatische Missions Planung sorgt für einen Reibungslosen Betrieb.

Multispektral im Kleinformat

z.B. Sony Kamera oder Parrot Sequoia.

RTF + Schulungstage inklusive

Der RADIUS kommt ready-to-fly und mit einer umfassender Schulung.

The RADIUS is a compact and robust worker for your day-to-day routine out in the field. It was designed with a focus on ease-of-use as well as reliable and efficient delivery of results.

With only 95cm wingspan and weighing less than 1kg, the RADIUS is easy to handle and a practical companion, ready for take-off within minutes. Missions can be up to 85 minutes covering 150ha or more without the need for a professional pilot.

The RADIUS flies its missions fully automatically. The user-friendly mission planning software enables set-up within less than 5 minutes. Take off is by hand against the wind. The integrated motion sensor starts the engine only once the RADIUS is safely away from the pilot. Landing is also fully automatic, circling down and belly-landing in a pre-defined spot.

The standard sensor configuration is a 18 megapixel high resolution camera with additional stabilisation suitable for accurate orthophotos. In addition, the RADIUS can be equipped with a Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera with four distinct spectral channels and one 16 megapixel RGB channel. So a multitude of results – orthophoto, spectral plant indices and 3D point cloud can be achieved in one single mission.


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